The theory of Self (How brands take advantage)

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The concept of ‘Self’ and its foundation originated from William James. He states that ‘a man’s Self’ is the sum total of all that he CAN call his.

Not only his/her body and psychie (sic) powers; but clothes, house, wife & husband, children, ancestors, friends, reputation & work. This is backed up and developed further by Russell W. Belk who talks about the idea of self-perception and the concept of self through ownership and possessions.

He says that there is a ‘natural relationship between possessions and sense of self’. That ones’ possession can define ones’ personality and vice versa. He brings forth a framework on how we as human beings develop our concept of self, which defines who we are.

There are four factors: ‘(1) the infant distinguishes self from the environment: (2) the infant distinguishes self from others: (3) possessions help adolescent and adults manage their identities, and (4)…

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